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Website traffic is meaningless if the visitors are not qualified and meaningful.

The last decade has seen a total change in the way Atlanta businesses should make themselves available to consumers. Where as ten years ago an advertisement in the Yellow Pages was the basis of getting your phone number in front of prospects, now our presence on the internet is the means by which consumers find our phone number, more than the yellow, white pages and information (411) combined. Other means of brand name development simply must be complemented with an easy way for consumers to find your phone number with Google, Yahoo and the Bing search engines.

For Atlanta businesses to successfully compete online in a cost-effective way, internet marketing methods must be utilized and to their fullest advantage. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Atlanta as well as the development of successful directory listings at Google and Bing is the most reliable means of achieving online visibility and are a component of higher search engine rankings

Website traffic is meaningless if the visitors are not qualified and meaningful. Simply put, correct SEO is online marketing of relevant keywords in your website content to improve your websites position in organic search engine results. PPC or Pay Per Click is the management of advertising primarily on search engine results. High search engine rankings for relevant keywords means that qualified prospects in your market see your website first, ahead of your competitors.

Search engine optimization in Atlanta works and Atlanta Georgia businesses use SEO specialists at Web Atlanta for a full service web marketing group, our firm designs, optimizes, promotes and manages advertising on the internet. The SEO experts at Web Group Atlanta have experience in keyword relevancy and the creation of rich, informative content, as well as specialized knowledge of the complex algorithms search engines like Google utilize to determine the effectiveness and relevancy of a websites content. The latest web marketing studies show that most Atlanta businesses that try search engine optimization the consultation skill of a professional web marketing firm frequently see little or no enhancement, and usually discard their SEO campaign. With extensive knowledge of advanced SEO techniques Web Group Atlanta knows that SEO isnt just about keyword rich content it also involves metadata, page titles, image alt labels, inbound link building, and other strategies effective SEO marketing plan.

Web Site Design

In our experience, most websites are created from the perspective of what the owner or Chief Executive found to be attractive. But the value of a website comes from the insides too. In fact the ability of the web design implementation to communicate with the major search engines the purpose of the web site is more important than how it looks.

No matter how appealing your web-site looks, and how well it draws the consumer to act on an offer, pick up the phone or visit your business, first the website must be found by searchers using Google, Bing and Yahoo. For example, properly designed, you can expect more than half the visitors to your web-site to find it using Google searches, and another five to eight percent from Bing and Yahoo searches, possibly more.

The number of new visitors your web-site receives each month can directly translate to your revenues. But if you use the $199 website approach, you have thrown the investment away. Others sign up for the monthly website design support option at their hosting provider, such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy, where after two or three years they have spent a thousand dollars and receive no traffic.

Enterprise owners need to bluntly consider skipping the website altogether. There are more than 100 million websites, and unless you spend money on frequent technology upgrades and create new content, i.e. a changing menu at a restaurant, $9.99 a month is a waste of money. Design companies have no conscience charging thousands for websites that make no difference. Understand that a website solution price range where it matters might be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Solutions available vary, features required vary. There is a difference in the detail each type solution business. A menu online on a wordpress site with a free website template at a cheap hosting company, not counting the learning curve to overcome website publishing and managing your online hosting account will cost starting at $5-$15 a month, your domain for $8-25 a year, and you might have a low cost website up and running. Domain registration and the website, the hosting account and projected website functions could be too expensive, and a business digital business card is a far different cry than selling items in a shopping cart format, a plethora of retailers are already competing to engage customers and have mastered the call to action. Development of leads and prospects information datasheets customer service website metrics visitor analytics

Model View Controller

requirements website search engine optimization (SEO) keywords description utility relevance website searching for keywords related business website content code tags meta info title tag page structure css authority links reputable website social media engagement search engines Google recognize individual ranking factors signals changing weight plan build website know understand how SEO work ranking factor optimize engage strategies build relate trust authority search engines invest time research build website understand work website leads increase hits views visitors website engineered design content SEO strategy successful process building website success level expertise create winning visibility website strategy keyword industry research graphics flash planning blogging content creation linking organizing professional design prospects call to action funneling leads visitors page-views appropriate action website metrics analytics statistices optimization process actual visitor data new visitor pageviews time on site bounce search engine data build website successful website online inexpensive resource online website producing leads interact service resource customers prospects cost developed website real cost website

Search Engine Optimization for Companies

Web-Atlanta is a key component to the South Eastern technology engine. It’s important in web design to have good local web designers who are familiar with your project. The web designers you use for your web project should not be in India, Pakistan, Russia, or any location other than the United States. Your project should only be worked on by a local web expert. We are Atlanta web designers; our programmers are what makes the difference between us and our competition. Having a web design company that has a group of great web designers or freelancers is good; but having a company that has the web design team, the high level programmers, the database gurus and the project managers that have seen it all is much better.

The outsourcing scammers are cold calling Atlanta customers and pretending to be local companies. They make big promises and deliver no results. Foreign companies pretending to be the real local Atlanta web experts are easy to spot by their high pressure and extravagant claims.

It’s one thing to be in Atlanta and be a web expert or designer, but its another thing to try and trick companies from Atlanta, Georgia. Even when seeing a local 404, 770 or 678 number, know that anyone can get these numbers and use them from anywhere in the world. Atlanta, Georgia companies like Web-Atlanta have more clients in the south eastern United States than these off-shore boiler rooms. For real SEO expertise right here in Atlanta contact Web-Atlanta and maximize your keyword positioning.

Foreign companies pretending to be the real local Atlanta web experts are easy to spot by their high pressure and extravagant claims.

Basic Website Pricing Cost

Many new business people fail to consider the cost of a website in their startup costs. They may also want to hold off on a website until other avenues are exhausted. The first rule of prospects and leads is to do business with people you know. Then ask them if they know anyone that could use your services. It’s all free!

But at some point you need to have a website. It is the new yellow pages. People need to find your phone number, and while they may remember your brand name, or your city and trade, we tend to misplace your business card and rely on looking up your phone number with google. That could suck for you.

To begin with, instead of wondering how much it will cost, set a budget of $ 750 for your first web-site. First you will have to register a domain, for at least five years, you have $ 700 left. Now you need a computer to store and provide your website to visitors, an annual service called hosting. There goes a hundred bucks a year. Your website should incorporate your logo. Don’t have one? There goes $ 150 to $ 500 for a digital branding package. That might leave you with from $ 100 to 500 to spend on the website design, and yes it can be done.

The most difficult part of the web design will not be the designers job, it will be talking about your business. You need 500 words about your business, philosophy, customers and market. You then need at least 500 words about your products and or services. Finally you need a contact page that contains your phone number, and if you have an office or mailing address, that should be included. There, we are done. That is a simple three page web-site.

If you have a business address, it is time to establish listings in Google Places and Bing Local Listings. These have become more important than the yellow and white pages. You can struggle through this yourself, or pay various professionals three to five hundred dollars to accomplish this somewhat technical task.

Been there done that, and ready to do it for real? Here is a guide to budgeting for a website upgrade, probably better suited for your second time through:

  Small BudgetBig Budget
Number of Pages6 to 10  $ 2,000  $ 3,000
Style and DesignSimple yet attractive  $ 2,000  $ 3,000
Copywritingthree to five pages  $ 1,000  $ 1,500
SEOmajor keywords and phrases   $ 2,000  $ 4,000
Graphical and Photography  Just Enough  $ 1,000  $ 2,000
Content Management System Standard  $ 2,000  $ 4,000
 TOTAL BUDGET COSTS $10,000 $15,500

Whoa, Nelly! Do I need all that? Probably not, but when you are ready to truly be found on search engines with an attractive web design, be prepared to budget three to five thousand. Need a professional photographer? Expect to spend from $ 300 to 1000 a session. Do you want to include products from your database, with current pricing or inventory levels? Expect to spend a couple thousand for the integration. Looking to sell things on-line? Expect to pay a consultant to help you with Amazon or Yahoo shopping to make an initial foray. If you want to run your own shopping site, the costs can be $ 10,000 quickly.

Search Page Results

New Web-sites and temporary successes

Web-designers often see web-sites with initial first page google ranking that fades quickly. This is actually most often because the site gets an initial positive rating by the search engines because people are always looking at new things. But a high bounce rate and little evolution to the site quickly leads to a site that drops off the first page of google.

  • New sites get a short boost were they are favored to test traffic patterns.
  • Even new sites with no clear meaning will appear briefly. Blogs commonly do well for a short period.
  • Most new sites have poor content, stolen, copied, sparse, unlinked, and will fade quickly.
  • Some sites have a variety of replicated pages that SE’s quickly but sometimes too boldly de-list.
  • Sites with stolen content are discovered within a few weeks or a month and de-listed.
  • Sites that do not hold onto visitors fall quickly.
  • Sites with no or low quality and low quantities of links will not gain reliable results.
  • Sites that gain links, especially low quality links too quickly receive little help.

If you have a site that you have carefully planned yet are not seeing the results you think you deserve, there is not a quick fix. For these situations we engage in a marketing plan covering several months of link building combined with an expertly managed pay per click campaign to get immediate business exposure.

Effective Design

A faulty correlation between your companies search engine results and the importance of your company results in lost opportunity.

Web Atlanta SEO insures that your business sees the phone calls it deserves. 

Different promotion systems will be applied to get your company where it should be and we will keep you there. The major search engines, Google Yahoo and Bing, are quite clever at putting the most important results at the top of the search results. 

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to connect with customers and prospects these days is with the internet. And to do this we need to play by the rules that the search engines use to rank websites based on how relevant they are. A site’s content is the major component, but not the only component used by the search engines to relate your site’s results to a search term. Search Engine Optimization consists not only of analysing your site and how important that site is in relation to other sites for the same search term but also the relevance of your site to the search term and where that term exists on the internet and how in proximity it is linked to the site. That is, it is not enough to put a good choice of search phrases for your business to target on your web-site, your web-site must communicate a call to action, and honest message and your website and it’s content with it’s target terms, with a quality linking plan and valid keyword traffic vectors must be collateralized to help it’s importance and relevance. The sites popularity, online visibility and search rankings business, and increase website traffic, leads quality scores adwords to increasing revenue.

Local Search Directory Listings and Optimization

Face the music, the local directories are replacing the yellow pages. In the 65-80 demographic, a small percentage still use the yellow pages. The major search engines display local search directory listings in their results near the top of results pages. When the search providers detect a enquirer looking for specific local results they typically include a map, business names and phone numbers.  Companies that fail to properly manage and optimize the ranking factors for mjor search engines risk losing prospects to those that do the basics. Local search listings, pay per click advertising and organic results all appear on the page giving local businesses that have read the rules free advertising and a decisive edge.

Pay-Per-Click campaign management and advertising

Web Atlanta manages small pay per click campaigns and performs metrics on large scale campaigns.

Social Media

Facebook, twitter and web 2.0 marketing campaigns will be recommended and used for certain fast moving environments.

Local Search Results

Any company serving customers in a specific geographic area once relied on two failing vehicles, the Yellow Pages book and local newspapers

Why are Google, Yahoo and Bing local listings so important?

Any company serving customers in a specific geographic area once relied on two failing vehicles, the Yellow Pages book and local newspapers. Now consumers use internet searches and iPhones instead as one of the many changes in the online world of Local search engine marketing. From large businesses with multiple store locations to one person local professionals or contractors, the local listing is even more important than a web-site. Combined with a business card one page web-site which can be maintained for less than $ 50 per year, these free listings replace the Yellow Pages completely. With or without a website, businesses attract local customers with listings in the many Local Search Marketing Directories such as Google Maps®, Google Places, Yahoo Local®, and Bing®. The major three search engines have recently prioritized Local Search in search engine results pages. Because of this, every business interested in Local Search Marketing and Local Internet marketing must understand the value of their business listing. 


Products, services, business name, phone number, address, and more local business information which helps internet searchers find your business. Web-Atlanta will improve Local Search engine results visibility, including descriptive keywords and phrases, store hours, links, brands, services, products and payment methods for example.


Local consumers are increasingly utilizing desktop and iPhone or Android phone Local Internet Searches to find products and services that meet their needs. Local search engines use indexes created from a process called web crawling to form a search engine results page for every query. All the major search engines emphasize local results. Their spiders that crawl the web are searching web sites and other directories for relevant business information to be added to their index of your companies importance.


Web Atlanta has helped many businesses get found on the first page of the local listings. We make no firm guarentees, only the search engines know for sure. Local Search Marketing and Local Search Engine algorithms and Local Search Marketing best practices are much like tax accounting. The lawyer that guarentees you a big refund will probably land you in an ajoining cell. We complete the listing content to the specifications of the search engine heavy weights, with consistent formatting and keyword strategies before submitting your local business listing.


Not any more, although if you use the maps tab it is more purely local search than the web tab. Nobody does that, you need to be in the main organic page. Local search results once were a special form of organic search engine results. Anytime the search engines sense that we are loooking for a local business they display local results. 


Web Atlanta will analyze your web-site to make sure that you are up to date, and prepare you for changes to the web.

Keywords for consumer impact. data the part Local Search Engines into greater Local Advertising search results for your Business Listing. Multiple directory listings with phone and address verified Search Engine Citations improved and aid in raising Local SEO, inbound links are to organic search engine optimization Reviews. Search engines are not into the positive or negative user reviews business listing. prospective customers User Content. User content IS A LOCAL DIRECTORY SUBMISSION & DIRECTORY LISTING IMPORTANT TO MY BUSINESS Search Engines website crawling spiders programs which crawl the web for links and pages local consumer search requests local businesses do a website for business, Search Engines local business hubs Search Engines produce reliable local search results 2 billion local searches every month Search Engines receive accurate reliable business information reliable, consistent business listing content appears to Local Search Engines highly visible local search placement for local search results  MY BUSINESS HAS A WEB SITE Local Search Engines web crawling capture local business information, individual business owners business listing content information major Search Engines Local Business Directories business profile management local marketing business content accurate keyword information top local search results. 

Naked WordPress SEO

Search Engine Optimization of WordPress properties without using plugins.

Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress property without using a plugin.

Appearance->Widgets->Custom Html place in footer, add gtag code


Unless you are a computer scientist with a PhD in statistics, eight years full time experience in SEO and worked at Google for 20 plus years you should probably use, and learn to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

Use the free version Yoast for at least a week of full time optimization.

(minimum 40 hours of optimization, not content creation, NOT uploading images, NOT PLAYING AROUND, REAL DEDICATED OPTIMIZATION)

Once you’ve learned about the Yoast dashboard and keywords plan on spending $75 per year on the premium version. PER YEAR. YES – EVERY – YEAR.

If you do not completely understand the settings and process in the free version, you are not ready for the premium version.

They promise support with the premium version, but considering that a good SEO engineer charges between $90 and $195 per hour, don’t count on general SEO help for the price of Yoast. But Yoast will help you to use Yoast. And every year of Yoast will make you closer to being a rocket scientist of SEOnesss.

You are a fool if you think you will soon be as smart as a surgeon, a rocket scientist, or a true engineer of SEOness. Unless you are a surgeon, in which case you are smart enough to be a surgeon. But even a surgeon might want to know enough to improve their SEO ranking for lap band surgery.

If you are considering any other SEO plugin, stop. If you read somewhere that you need other SEO plugins on top of Yoast, don’t fall for it. There are some very large and popular websites based on WordPress, and some use Yoast, but most don’t use any free SEO plugin. Those are the big players, you will need some help.

You will probably need a free SEO plugin. So start with Yoast, and stick with Yoast. There is no other SEO plugin that can be trusted.

Full Stop.