SEO: Technical vs. Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, specifically technical SEO is putting it straight, fixing your website to reach html standards and the needs of search engines. SEO professionals often call this effort ‘on page optimization.’ There are no commercials, no full page ads, no Twitter, Tik-Tok or Facebook. Therefore, technical SEO is a function of changing your website, while marketing SEO is a function of promoting your SEO.

Why it Matters

As a consumer, when you are searching for technical SEO, your best bet is to find a technically adroit SEO firm, capable of development. But when shopping for marketing you will be talking to firms that are more like politicians and car salesmen. And when you are launching a social media effort you probably need to talk to someone who is still in High School.

What Else?

And let’s not forget the area of content creation, vital to a successful website. Here you need someone with impeccable grammar, a healthy imagination and mad narrative composition skills.


Advertising, marketing and social media promotion all occur without touching a single line of computer programming on your website. Technical SEO is the opposite, addressing purely the computer code that is part of your website.

What does good SEO cost?